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Protecting the rights of those harmed by others

Committed to Excellence

Oldfather Law Firm is a leading Kentucky plaintiffs' firm, with national reach. The firm's practice focuses on complex litigation. Ann Oldfather is a highly skilled trial lawyer, and she is frequently involved with protecting the rights of those harmed by others.

Ann is joined by a group of capable, talented and passionate attorneys, Sheldon L. Haden, R. Sean Deskins, Michael R. Hasken and Ben Hachten, all of whom are supported by an unusually experienced staff. Together, these competent professionals comprise a potent team, capable of delivering excellence in any sophisticated matter, whether the issue at hand is a matter of personal injury, products liability, commercial litigation, professional negligence, an employment dispute or appellate advocacy. Oldfather Law Firm is your destination when you need attorneys who are dedicated to your interests.

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1330 South Third Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40208

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Awards and Affiliations


Described by the Washington Post as "A select group of 100 of the nation's most celebrated trial lawyers." 

In 2017, Ann B. Oldfather was inducted into the Inner Circle of Advocates

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"A right is not what someone gives you; it's what no one can take away from you"

 - Ramsey Clark

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